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Champions League winners that Never Lost February 23, 2016


LEAGUE Champions is one of the most competitive tournaments in the world because of the competing clubs are champions in their respective domestic competitions. However, there are clubs that could appear dominant even once did not defeat.

Real Madrid recorded as the club’s most lifted the Champions League trophy with 10 times according to statistic livescore123. The last time Los Merengues served as a European champion was in 2014. Even so, Real Madrid still be defeated on his way to win the title.

There are nine clubs that won the Champions League with the status alias unbeaten Unbeaten namely Ajax Amsterdam, Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​Liverpool, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Nottingham Forest, Red Star Belgrade and Olympique Marseille.

The most made public unnerved is the achievement of Barcelona in the 2005-2006 season. At that time, Ronaldinho Gaucho and his friends no one reached for the negative results in 13 parties, including the time to beat Arsenal 2-1 in the final.

Manchester United in the 1998-1999 season has a record that is less convincing as the current champion. Sir Alex Ferguson’s squad only needs five wins and six draws to become the champion.

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Instagram Open Partnership Program for Advertisers November 19, 2015


Instagram has just launched a partnership program aimed at business customers. By cooperating with experts, Instagram can help them to grow in the photo sharing platform.

For starters, Instagram has chosen 40 partners across the field, namely in the field of advertising, community management, and marketing content.

Included in the partnership include Adobe, Adaptly, Hootsuite, Marin Software, Percolate, Sprinklr, Unified, Tongal, and Salesforce.

Instagram explained, partners will help solve a variety of business challenges, whether it encourages more people to install new mobile gaming applications, or internet traffic push higher against a store during the holidays.

Then, according to the release on his official blog page, Instagram disclose the case. For example, last August, House of Blues Entertainment Instagram try out the service partners to help sell tickets mat an artist who appeared in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Alloy between the audience and the audience targeted Instagram Instagram partners, CitizenNet, targeting people with similar musical tastes during the campaign 13 days.

At the end of the campaign, it appears that the return on investment or return on investment up to 64% higher than their previous benchmark. This then raises boost for House of Blues Entertainment to expand their advertising efforts to more than 40 places in the United States.

Furthermore Instagram partners in Europe, Smartly.io cooperate with the International Hawkers, actors eCommerce fashion sunglasses, to manage ads that drive strong results.

“Through cooperation with Smartly.io, we saw a 77% return on advertising spending higher in many of our advertising campaign – with a cost per click (cost-per-click) are 26% lower and almost half of the cost per action (cost-per-action). We are pleased with the results of this new partnership, “said Axel Ramírez, Head of Advertiser Hawkers Co.

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Too Much Sitting Effects on the Body November 17, 2015

1415152ThinkstockPhotos-200488076-001780x390You probably already know that too much sitting is not good and most of us often feel guilty because it took too long to sit back watching tv. But, what actually happens in the body when we spend 8 hours a day to sit?

The World Health Organization (WHO) states, prolonged sitting is the number four cause of death, after high blood pressure, smoking, and high blood sugar levels.

“Physical activity plays an important role in the health of the heart and blood vessels. The study estimates that, each additional two hours of sitting can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease as much as 5 percent,” said Salim dr.Simon, Sp.PD.

Simon added, when we sit down calorie burning going down. “After two hours of sitting continuously, good cholesterol levels dropped to 20 percent. Therefore, stand up and do a short stretch every two hours,” he said.

Here are some of the effects of sitting too much for the body.

– Damage to organs
Muscles will burn less fat and blood flow slows down, so the fat will be easier to stick in the blood vessels. The habit of sitting in the long run also increases blood pressure and koleseterol.

Research also shows, sitting and inactivity within 24 hours will decrease the effectiveness of insulin so that the risk of diabetes.

– Aging muscles
When we stand, move or sit up straight, abdominal muscles will make us upright. But when we sat slumped, the unused muscles. This could damage the natural curve of the back.

In addition, too much sitting also reduce the flexibility of the hips. Sitting will also reduce the stability of the body and reduce bone density.

– Interference on feet
Sitting in a period too long can make the body circulation is slow, so that fluid accumulates in the legs. Consequently legs became swollen, varicose veins, until the disease is dangerous blood clots called deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

– Problems in the brain
Muscles that are used to move will pump fresh blood and oxygen to the entire brain so that its function more optimally.

– Disturbance in the neck
If you are mostly spent time sitting at your desk, your neck is most likely too advanced so that in the long run damage the balance. In addition to the neck, the muscles around the shoulder and back will also be affected.

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Pep Satisfied Revenge to Arsenal November 15, 2015

guardiola-cropped_ohpv3ljpgjzj1fa78ixbe169tMUNICH – Bayern Munich successfully avenge the defeat 0-2 at the Emirates Stadium two weeks ago from Arsenal in qualifying Group F of the Champions League 2015-2016.Unsparing, Die Roten won 5-1 on the Gunners at the Allianz Arena.

Philipp Lahm and his friends perform perfectly in all lines, playing with ball possession, effectively taking advantage of opportunities, can play with all the tactics and strong in defense.

The Bavarian giants club coach, Josep “Pep” Guardiola, were satisfied with the performance of foster children who responded to the defeat in London. Especially because the team performed perfectly with possession reached 65 per cent.

“The results of the appropriate reaction (reaction team to win 5-1). We lost in London, but our good performance. Today as the final match for us, this victory is a big step and we barely escaped (16th-large). Now we have to win the game against Olympiakos to finish top of the group, “said Pep, as reported Thursday (05/11/2015).

Bayern is currently at the top of Group F with nine points, the achievement of the same with the next opponent Olympiakos on Wednesday, November 25, 2015 early morning at the Allianz Arena. While Arsenal is on the order of three with a collection of three points, the same as Dinamo Zagreb which was ranked fourth.

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Kurdish fighters Attacked ISIS Transportation November 13, 2015

pejuang-kurdi-gempur-rute-transportasi-isis-2UeeVLsoDcSinjar – Kurdish fighters stormed Sinjar region after a bomber aircraft the United States (US) attacked the small town into a transport route that ISIS militant groups.

Kurdish Peshmerga forces, which assisted 36 of the US air strikes, moves to take over a small town in Sinjar, Iraq. The purpose was to take over the highway transportation ISIS route which brings supplies of Raqqa in Syria to Mosul in Iraq.

The battle to take over the Sinjar began with air strikes US bombers attacked the building during the day hiding place ISIS. From the hill, Kurdish forces provide a target for bomber aircraft commander.

The hills are the front line that determines which targets would be the target of a US air strike. Kurdish fighters say the time lag between air strikes and they provide a target location just five minutes.

So close to militants ISIS, Kurdish fighters can hear their communication via two-way radio.

Mazan Maraq, a sharpshooter from the Kurdish fighters, kept an eye on the enemy through his sniper scope. “They (militants ISIS) in the house. They moved from home to home, some hiding in the rubble of buildings that have been destroyed, “he said, as reported.

Kurdish fighters after US air strikes immediately continue their attacks from house to house searching for militants hiding ISIS. Peshmerga said they expect militants ISIS already put car bombs, land mines and snipers when they enter the town.

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